Learning Objectives


1. To discover the relationship between cultural influences and the architectural development in South Vietnam

2. To have a deeper understanding of urban planning issues and the interplay of the matrices of determinants involving physical attributes, commercial feasibility, social fabrics as well as political factors in particular relating to Generation Z (Those born between the early 1990s and the early 2000s).

3. To be aware of the impact of rapid urbanization on the environment and the need for sustainable development in the urban planning process.

4. To gain an insight of Singapore’s strengths in urban planning and sustainable environmental management skill-sets

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 3 Reflection - Kimberly Ong

One of the secret passageway (Taken by Cassandra's Grp)

The symbol of god in Caodaism (Taken by Cassandra's Grp)

Things that I have learnt:

On Day 3, I was first exposed to Caodaism. I learnt that god in Caodaism is symbolized by the left eye as the left eye symbolized the Yang.

The design of the Cao Da Temple was not planned. It was built without any floor plan by farmers. I observed that there is a use of curves/arches in the temple, evidence of art deco, probably due to the influence of the French. The colors used in the design of the temple symbolized different religions. Yellow symbolized the Buddhism; Red is Confucius; Blue symbolized Taoism. The animals present in the the design also symbolized different things. The dragon represents the power of the king, the turtle is longevity, the phoenix is beauty and the unicorn represent prosperity. Dragon and phoenix are also visible in some of the Chinese Temple in Vietnam.

During the wartime, people living in Chu Chi uses man made traps to kill the American soldiers. They also making of their own bread, with the usage of mechanism. Chu Chi tunnel was built so that the citizens can hide underground, away from the American, to In the Chu Chi tunnel, there are air holes that allow fresh air to enter the tunnel. There are also secret passageway to move to another area for evacuation or defending.

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