Learning Objectives


1. To discover the relationship between cultural influences and the architectural development in South Vietnam

2. To have a deeper understanding of urban planning issues and the interplay of the matrices of determinants involving physical attributes, commercial feasibility, social fabrics as well as political factors in particular relating to Generation Z (Those born between the early 1990s and the early 2000s).

3. To be aware of the impact of rapid urbanization on the environment and the need for sustainable development in the urban planning process.

4. To gain an insight of Singapore’s strengths in urban planning and sustainable environmental management skill-sets

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DAY 05-Casandra Ong

Model of City Plan

Kimberly-Clark Vietnam @ VSIP


I have learnt that it is important to take in consideration the convenience and safety of the people that utilize the facilities. It is not only important to invest in the main facilities but to also invest in other factors that will affect the efficiency and productivity of the facilities. A good example will be the new road that Singapore invested in to enable a smooth and safe journey for the heavy vehicles that travel everyday back and forth from VSIP. The new road replaces the rocky and disoriented ‘road’ in the past, which created danger and inconvenience to the drivers. By investing in the new road, it will bring ease to transporting the products made in VSIP to other places for business. This will increase the productivity of VSIP.

It is essential to have ‘breathing-space’ in a city. This promotes living and not just business in a city. It attracts people to stay in the city for long term as it promotes suitable lifestyle for living and not just a hectic business city. Land is reserved to build breathing-spaces, such as parks and water bodies for outdoor activities. These breathing-spaces serves as a get-away for the people from their busy lives.

It is important for countries to have close relationships with other countries as it will benefit both parties. An example would be the founding of Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park. A country such as Singapore does not have sufficient land and manpower to manufacture products, as land is high-on-demand and manpower is expensive. Therefore, it is ideal to locate a local (Singapore) industrial park in another country, where land and manpower is cheaper. This is where the importance of close relationships with other countries come in. Good relationships with the country will allow Singapore to easily obtain permission to set up her business overseas. In the case of VSIP, Singapore has good relationship with Vietnam, therefore, Singapore is able to set up an industrial park in Vietnam. The setting up of the industrial park does not only benefit Singapore, but also Vietnam as the industrial park will create more jobs for the people of Vietnam.

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  1. Nice and decently written. I am glad that you are able to see the link between all of that. Good observation that you have regarding the green space too. It is indeed important to have those. And lastly, it is also good to know that you have uncovered the point that you highlighted in your last paragraph. Hope that the trip has been enriching and educational for you! :D