Learning Objectives


1. To discover the relationship between cultural influences and the architectural development in South Vietnam

2. To have a deeper understanding of urban planning issues and the interplay of the matrices of determinants involving physical attributes, commercial feasibility, social fabrics as well as political factors in particular relating to Generation Z (Those born between the early 1990s and the early 2000s).

3. To be aware of the impact of rapid urbanization on the environment and the need for sustainable development in the urban planning process.

4. To gain an insight of Singapore’s strengths in urban planning and sustainable environmental management skill-sets

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The donation for the boy

Hi all

As you all have known, we all are encouraged to give some stationery to the small boy from the Can Gio Biosphere Reserve. Well, our group has came out with this plan of storing everything into one pencil case as I believe that it will be nicer to give the boy with a pencil case rather than giving to the boy separately. So I believe that if 3/4 of us bring pens, pencil, eraser, etc. and the remaining 1/4 of us brings some notebooks or something like that. Mr Irfan will have another meeting with you guys somewhere next week to tell you all more information. So see ya then :D

Si Yuan

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